2D Retro Game "Wild Dogs" Is Launching On All Platforms Next Year

Game publisher QUByte and developer 2ndBoss announced that the 2D action shooting game "Wild Dogs" will be launched on PC and home console platforms. The specific release date is yet to be determined.

In "Wild Dogs", the whole world is attacked by crazy aliens, and human beings have no chance to fight back. The last two "warriors" were selected to join the war. Players will operate as one of the warriors and a dog, fighting aliens in every possible way all over the world.

capsule_616x353 (4).jpg

"Wild Dogs" is a 2D platform shooting game with classic elements. It can shoot in 8 directions, fly airplanes and robots. The game will be available in 2022, landing on PC, PS, Xbox and Switch platforms.








Retrived from: https://playgame.wiki/news/8b52c66bb8

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